Team Great Lakes Discuss: WATER FEATURES

This is the first installment in our new series of Team Great Lakes discussions! Team Great Lakes sits down to discuss: WATER FEATURES. Including choosing a water feature that’s right for you, maintenance, and the benefits of bringing a piece of nature to your own home.

For more information on calculating how many fish you should have in your pond etc, check here.

Juicy Custom Pots!

Click here and like us on Facebook, and share if you feel so inclined! We’re always posting a variety of images from jobs we’ve completed, updates from past jobs, landscape tips, and more! Because who doesn’t want MORE? We take pride in bringing our clients closer to nature whether that’s via beautiful images or in their own backyard. This image is from just a few of our Spring/Summer pots from this past season. So juicy! Just a little over a month before we begin the Fall pot season.

© Great Lakes Landscape Design, 2014

© Great Lakes Landscape Design, 2014