Drought Watering Guidelines

As you know the current weather conditions are extremely dry and grass and plant materials are struggling to survive.  As a result we have put together some watering tips for you to follow to ensure that your plant materials can survive.  Water is essential for plants to grow and develop, and it carries minerals from the soil to the leaves.  It also acts as the raw material from which plants manufacture food.  Below you will find some information regarding the root systems of different plant materials:


Plant Type                                        Minimum Root Depth

Annuals & Groundcovers                     2” – 4”

Turf Grass                                                     4” – 6”

Perennials                                                   12” – 14”

Shrubs                                                           18” – 24”

Trees                                                              24” – 60”


While your sprinklers may be sufficient for grass areas, groundcovers and perennials, trees and shrubs have a deeper root system that require a lot more water.  It is a good idea to deep-water trees and shrubs by using your garden hose and holding it at the root system for a period of 1-2 minutes.  Do this twice a day during periods of extreme drought.  For other plant materials such as annuals, perennials, groundcovers and grass, they should be watered additionally between the hours of 2pm and 6pm in order to cool off the root system and prevent rooting from drying out.  It is best to water several hours before sunset to give the leaves time to dry before dark.  If you water too late in the day the plants are left wet at night, fungi and related diseases set in.


In addition to watering more, you may want to have fresh mulch added to your beds and around trees to keep moisture from evaporating and prevent over drying.  If you should need any fresh mulch, please feel free to call us to be added to our schedule.



Great Lakes Landscape Design, 2016