Countdown to Spring: 38 Days

“Nature is so powerful, so strong. Capturing its essence is not easy – your work becomes a dance with light and the weather. It takes you to a place within yourself.” — Annie Leibovitz

© Great Lakes Landscape Design, 2015

© Great Lakes Landscape Design, 2015

Team Great Lakes Discuss: DECOR

Landscape designer, Jeremy and landscape stylist, Alicia of Team Great Lakes sit down to discuss decor. Listen and watch as they give tips on how to make your indoors flow to your outdoors and back again. You can also view the transcript below. All images are property of Great Lakes Landscape Design.

Alicia: Some people don’t even realize how important it is to decorate their outdoors. They don’t even realize it’s the first place you look at, it’s the first place you come to, it’s the place you leave from, and it’s almost more important than any room, I think, in the house. I think you can have outdoor décor in your front, I think you can have it in your back. I think you can use it as far as your mailbox can be part of your décor, your rug mat can be part of your décor, and your lighting can be part of your décor. There are so many things that can create a vibe from the outside that can give like a feeling of who you are on the inside.
Jeremy: It also shows that the home is lived in, and the space is lived in and well used. It gives the space personality, and the items that you can use range from rugs, pillows, any of the chotchkie material such as pagodas and sundials, bird baths; any of that stuff can be used as décor.
Alicia: And unexpected things too, things you don’t expect. You could have statues, you could put a mirror, I mean people think mirrors are like for bathrooms and bedrooms, they’re so not according to Feng Shui they belong outside. They create a whole bunch of vibe on what kind of house it is. And as Ivan Katz says: “They make rules to follow, and we at Great Lakes like to break them.”
Jeremy: Now things like planters can also be used as décor. Planters don’t need to be just clay pots, they can be glazed with numerous colors and shapes and styles, and those all lend themselves to the personality of that home owner, giving color and range. And then you can build on that with the plant material that goes in it.
Alicia: Completely, and it doesn’t necessarily even have to be like a real pot for planting. People use all kinds of stuff, you know, you make a hole in it and you can turn it into a pot, shoes, and different kinds of pots that aren’t necessarily clay pots for planting. You know, you can create all kinds of stuff, now anything is acceptable, really. You can go with the vibe of your house, or you can be eclectic and have one feeling outside and a different feeling inside.
Desiree: You even see people using old doors and old ladders, and stuff like that.
Alicia: Windows…
Jeremy: As trellises. I’ve seen ladders placed up against a home and then vines growing on them. But things like throw pillows and afghans, things like that on furniture.
Alicia: I mean really, it’s all about inside out and outside in.