Team Great Lakes: Day of Service

Recently all of Team Great Lakes headed down to Clark Park in Detroit to do a massive and much needed cleanup. The park is incredibly understaffed, and focus most of their time and energy on the youth in the area. It was a great day, and we were so happy to be able to help!

A message from Alicia, our landscape stylist

Style, vibe, shui and flow.
Let us help your garden grow.

We can show you how it’s done,
regardless if you’ve got shade or sun.

Inside, outside, ground or pots,
We’re working with the best plant pallet,
and we’re all over what’s hot.

Have no fear, your “landscape stylist” is here.
GLLD – we bring good things to life!

Love – Alicia Blas

© Great Lakes Landscape Design, 2015

© Great Lakes Landscape Design, 2015